Fifth- and sixth-generation communication systems are expected to undergo significant advances. Optical wireless technologies are a promising candidate for meeting the demands of these communication systems. With this in mind, the EU-funded EXPLOR project aims to develop a comprehensive modular software with fully validated state-of-the-art component and system-level numerical models and cognitive and adaptive features. The software will include libraries with novel use cases and scenarios targeting next-generation converged optical wireless networks. The project platform will promote deep academic and techno-economic considerations of relevant beyond-5G features such as high-millimetre-wave frequency optical front-haul, femtocell-based communications, network cognition and cloud-radio-access-network environment functionalities. This will provide insight into the field and enable future innovation beyond 5G networks.

EXPLOR is a collaborative industry-academic driven project committed to excellence in creating a scientifically and socio-economically relevant numerical platform, targeting next generation (NG) networks beyond 5G (B5G). The EXPLOR platform will act as a training, engineering and research tool towards addressing state of the art (SOTA) challenges in the fields of converged optical-wireless networking (OWN), whilst also serving as a vehicle for training staff members with scientific and transferable skills in the domain of B5G.


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EXPLOR Kicks-off at Instituto de Telecomunicações premises in Aveiro, Portugal - 06/02/2020





- H2020- MSCA-RISE Project Number:

- Start Date: 01 January 2020

- End Date: 31st December 2023


- 4 Partners [Instituto de Telecomunicaçõe [Coordinator], Interactive Coventry, University of Athens, Iquadrat

- 5 European Countries [Portugal, Spain, UK, Greece]


- Total Funding: 0.8 M€