Main Objectives

The EXPLOR project proposes the development of a comprehensive modular software with fully validated state of the art (SOTA) component and system level numerical models, cognitive and adaptive features, as well as libraries with novel use cases and scenarios targeting Next Generation (NG) converged Optical Wireless Networks (OWN). EXPLOR platform will be modelled to enable deep academic and techno-economic considerations of relevant beyond 5G (B5G) features in an integrated fashion, such as high mm-Wave (MMW) frequency Optical Front-haul (OFH), femtocell based communications, network cognition and Cloud-RAN (CRAN) environment functionalities.
Novel, beyond SOTA models and system architectures will be pursued and included in the integrated EXPLOR platform. Relevant interface and feedback functionalities designed to enable modular inclusion of external, user generated scripts and satisfactory latency versus accuracy trade-offs will be pursued. As such, the platform development will lead to a number of relevant research outcomes in the field, as well as act as an extensive enabler of future innovation beyond 5G networks.

In detail, EXPLOR main technical objectives are the following::

  • Virtual Resource Management Procedures for B5G
  • Beyond 5G Femto-cell Modelling and Validation
  • Beyond 5G Virtual OFH Numerical Modelling and Validation
  • Platform Cognition, Integration, Validation and Optimisation

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EXPLOR Kicks-off at Instituto de Telecomunicações premises in Aveiro, Portugal - 06/02/2020





- H2020- MSCA-RISE Project Number:

- Start Date: 01 January 2020

- End Date: 31st December 2023


- 4 Partners [Instituto de Telecomunicaçõe [Coordinator], Interactive Coventry, University of Athens, Iquadrat

- 5 European Countries [Portugal, Spain, UK, Greece]


- Total Funding: 0.8 M€